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How to Build a Recording Studio

This spring, I told my students that the music room was getting an upgrade over the summer. I wondered what my students thought so I asked, "What would make the room feel more comfortable? What additions does the music room need?" As usual, my students did not disappoint and came up with some great ideas.

So, over the summer I read some books on innovative spaces and got to work. One item that was high on the priority list was a recording studio. I wasn't sure how I would use it in the music room but I knew I needed to try it and honor their request.

Here's how I created my recording studio.

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard box

  • 1 1/4 inch 5 zoneFoam Mattress Pad (from Walmart) 50 in W and 75 in L

  • Scissors

  • Stapler

  • Marker

  • Fabric or Wrapping Paper

  • DIY Light Box LED (from Target)


1. Find a box that's just the right size.

2. Measure the sides of the box, mark the measurements on the foam and cut.

3. Staple the foam inside the box.

4. Duct tape the sides together once all of the foam is stapled inside the box.

5. Duct tape the fabric around the box. Leave a little bit of fabric over the edges for a nice finish. (See the next step). I didn't cover the back of the box with fabric since it faces a wall.

6. Fold the fabric over the front edges onto the foam and staple.

7. Cut a small hole on the side of the box for cords.

8. Put together the DIY light box LED sign. It needs AA batteries. The box comes with letters so you can design the perfect message for your recording studio.

9. Supply your recording studio with a microphone, headphones, speakers, laptop, etc.

We've used our recording studio a few different ways.

1. We've recorded sock puppet skits.

2. We've recorded whole group performances. We had the singers in the group stand in front of the recording studio for a better balance over the classroom instruments.

3. Students have used the studio for a quiet space.

4. Students have used it to record a reflection of their learning using Flipgrid.

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