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QR Word Sneak - vocab exercise or ice breaker

If you're looking for a fun way to add in some vocabulary practice or a new ice breaker for a dull meeting, try a little QR Word Sneak.

How the game works: Take 1-3 cards and scan the code to reveal a secret word. When it's your turn, introduce yourself or join the conversation, slipping in the word sneakily so that it sounds natural.

How to set it up: Come up with a list of random words that could are challenging to sneak into a regular conversation. Go to and click "plain text" for data, then enter each word one at a time to generate QR codes. Take a screenshot of each code or download into a folder, then add them to a label template in your word processing software. Print and apply to cards!

I used playing cards because people are used to the phrase "Pick a card... any card" and because 52 allows the players to scan several cards and then choose which one they're most comfortable with.

This could be very useful as a vocab exercise or an icebreaker. Kids could scan a card and be challenged to use that vocab word in context during the day, and classmates can ring a bell or raise their hands when they hear that the word has been snuck in. Or, as an icebreaker, have colleagues scan cards for words to add to their introductions.

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