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Ideas for Kahoot!

Thank you all for the wonderful class last week at VanderCook College of Music! And thank you especially for all the wonderful new ideas that we got from you.

Keith showed us Kahoot! and we got very excited and wanted to share our ideas for implementing it in the fall.

Kathryn's ideas: She is going to have students learn about composers as a fun back-to-school game, but will really be prepping them for a larger unit later in the year that will require a greater depth of knowledge on each composer. Students will later make tehir own Kahoot! games about those composers as a way of showing information, and then later in the year the younger grades will participate in the quizzes made by the older kids as a part of the larger all-school unit at the end of the year. Hopefully that makes sense! Email if you're interested in more info on this!

Abby's ideas: Abby is going to have a brand new teaching space in the fall. and it will be arranged completely different than the past 10 years. She plans to use Kahoot as a fun way of doing a "scavenger hunt" to see where all the past classroom visuals, etc, are in the room. Questions about where the helper board is, what races Mrs. Blair has run in, where the instruments are, etc, could be added in a fun way.

We can't wait to use Kahoot! Please contact us and share how you're going to use it!

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