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Assessment with Google Forms

Assessment is one of the most meaningful elements of our practice as teachers. Reflecting on what knowledge, skills, and understanding students have gained (or not) provides us with an accurate look at where we are and where we need to be. We can alter plans, review more, and create more meaningful opportunities for those students that need it. In addition, PERA requires that part of our evaluation as teachers depends on showing students growth.

Google Forms allows students a place to self-reflect, offer feedback, and receive direct feedback from the teacher. Besides merely SUBSTITUTING (the S of SAMR) paper and pencils, it also AUGMENTS (the A of SAMR) the experience by grading a quiz for you, offering immediate feedback, and organizing data.

The following video walks through the set-up of several example:

1) A student self-assessment based on a simple rubric

2) A quiz that grades itself and offers feedback

3) Generating a QR code link for easy access on tablets and devices.

As always, we have set this video up knowing you may have one laptop or be 1:1. We are all in different situations but Google Forms can work for any.

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