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Layar Augmented Reality in education

I'm very excited about the possibilities of Augmented Reality in education in the future. I tested it out by adding a "layar" to my business card, and this video will show you what it looks like. The only unfortunate thing is that Layar is very pricey to use. I contacted the company and expressed interest in using it as an educational tool and they said they are currently developing a educational version and will have more information in the fall. They offered a lowered rate for me as an educator, but until it's free or a low yearly subscription I wouldn't bother. Fingers crossed that they do that! This would be a great way to isolate video clips and links for students so that they immediately go to the places they need to, or they could show their work by linking their videos to an image that mom and dad could access at home. Talk about a simple way to share a digital portfolio!

We'll keep you posted as Layar develops, or hopefully more companies will do the same! Blippar is another similar app but the software is costly. At least Layar has web-based software you can use for free - you just pay to publish.

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