Genius Hour-Lesson 1

August 28, 2017

√ Students will begin to explore their passions.

√ Students will guide their own learning and reflect on their own “next steps”.
√ Students will share their learning with others and their failures along the way.
√ Students will be able to be life long learners.
√ Teachers will learn through the process how to offer more choice for students in the classroom.



√ Genius Hour Folder

Prior to this lesson:

√ Mentor Text read “The Magnificent Thing” √ Bugs and Hugs paper



1. What is Genius Hour?


     • Ask students to summarize the book for Mrs. F. the message?”

“What happened?” ‘'What was the message?"

     • This year we plan to do explore our own passions. Ask: “Did the child get it right the first time? Second time?” “Was it easy?”

     • Failure is feedback.

2. Show Jen’s video/ arcade video


3. Add questions or interests to pursue-See TPT list. Ask “What do we wonder about?” 4. If time: Bugs and Hugs- What makes you happy/get thoughts down on edublog


Edublog: Log in as each kid (see pic below table) and jot down their thoughts for them.


IF you are waiting for Mrs. F or Mrs. K., tell someone near you about your bugs and hugs paper.

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