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Coding in the Classroom

Megan Hacholski and Michael Abramczyk at Simmons Middle School, IT Teacher

Why coding?

  • by 2020 new jobs will be created by tech and kids will be short to fill positions. Kids need to adapt and be ready for the unknown future. Future ready.

  • Everything is powered by code. Technology is a universal language, connecting all cultures, races, classes, etc. All of this runs on code.

My thought..... don't you need coding at your finger tips to use when needed? Just like Do some projects so they have exploration with it and then when they want to use to to create, get out of the way! movement exploration, isolated music skills, form, etc.

  • Free program available to everyone.

  • Contains video lessons that empower the viewers to "learn by doing".

  • Connected to Scratch- a coding program created by MIT,

  • Nine themed units, at varying levels, with 8 lessons per unit.

  • Recently introduced a new 7th-12th grade curriculum

Give have kids job

navigator- not at the computer but watches and listens to directions

driver- at the computer

  • Characters are called Sprites

  • Videos will slowly teach you actions for your Sprites

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