#geniushour with Joy Kirr

August 1, 2017

We met Joy Kirr!  She is awesome.  


Handout Notes Here

We took a blank piece of paper and wrote down our passions about school as we listened to music.  We then talked to a neighbor and shared our thoughts.  We then shared what breaks our heart while listening to country music.  ;D




What IS Genius Hour?  

It is LEARNING: initiated by WONDER, sustained by INTEREST reinforced by PLEASURE INHERENT IN THE ACTIVITY, and then DELIGHT in it's success.-Justin Smith, #Paideia


 You gotta do it the way that works for you so it works for you.  


We need to help them be self directed, creative, engaged, empowered, life-long learners BUT WE HAVE TO GIVE THEM TIME TO PRACTICE THESE SKILLS.

Choice=increased motivation and engagement


Student own the learning

The rest of your year ROCKS! (You really get to know your kids.)




Conferring with the kids is REALLY important.  

  • 1/2 get a goal sheet and turn it in 

  • next week other 1/2 gets goal sheet and turns it in

  • So you are meeting all kids every other week

All of your lessons will revolve around your student's skills and needs.

It's not about the PRODUCT, it's the PROCESS. 


Seth Godin- Follow him


What are some projects students have done?

Genius Hour / 20% Time


Passion by Angela Maiers -to suffer or endure

There is no mastery.  Passion becomes your fuel, your soul


If kids give up on a passion product, that's fine. It wasn't really a passion.


Rubric-take a look!


Creativity requires TIME video (in livebinder)

video about creativity in 10 seconds and then 10 minutes

what if you gave them 10 seconds for a sound and then 10 minutes to create a sound.


Ways to Begin

Bulletin Board-kids can add things to it

What are you good at?  Ask the kids


Must Haves: (Launch is one order....or?  





Receive Feedback



Social Media/Connect with Mentor






KWHLAQ-look it up (trello)


Subject related:  How is the U.S. Government involved? What would be a good music question to tie it to music?



How to get started tab


Decisions to make



Let. it. go.

You will not be able to go back.  Whether it's genius hour or just choice WAY much more.


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Jess-What's your impact?






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