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Agenda: July 7th, 2017

1. Show and Tell-Deb made some cool PicCollage board games for her second graders. We ran into a few bumps in the road.

A. When making a gameboard, create gameboard in PicCollage and save to camera.

B. Create a new PicCollage and CHOOSE A BACKGROUND, use photo icon, select gameboard you made.

C. Create stickers as pieces and game is ready.

2. We looked into Active Apps. I think its an android tech tool. Not sure. Will keep my eye out for it.

3. iPad stand...under $10

4. Monica Burns Webinar Transforming your classroom to tech savvy.

  • iPad and Padlet for KWL activities

  • Todays Meet (app) backchanneling

  • Give them a prompt or video to watch and they have a space to respond.

  • Movie Makers and Adobe spark videos

  • Read and write and make a movie of their work.

  • Virtual Reality: Google cardboard

  • introduce with the google cardboard site

  • go see where Beethoven lived

5. Google Sites. Check it out. Anything worth getting into?

6. We messed around with TodayMeet. Could be a cool way to send a link and have kids blog. ALERT: The filter for youtube would be a problem.

Kathryn's Homework:

  • ipad hacks and tricks TTT podcast

  • Vicky Davis 10 Min. teacher ipad and music

  • check out google sites video above

  • check out google cardboard

Deb's Homework:

  • Look at seesaw calendar activity

  • Seasaw challenge as well

  • Create a KWL padlet for first day of school

  • Edublog-keep working


  • edublog

  • wix site

  • postcard for fall

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