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Must Have Apps, Tackk, Edublog, #booksnaps...

1. is dead. Something isn't right about the site.

2. Kathryn's Must have Apps

On student iPads

Doodle Buddy



Sock Puppet







On teacher iPad:





Too Noisy

Deb's Must have Apps

On student iPads:


3. #booksnaps

  • Brainstorm ideas for "why" kids could use #booksnaps. How do you use this in small group studio.

  • What apps kids can use to make #booksnaps

  • Sit in small groups, make a #booksnap with the same passage and pass iPads to look at others thinking.

  • Create in PicCollage and send to Seesaw for an audience. (parents and peers could comment).

  • Perhaps just use it as a digital highlighter

  • Give the kids a place to share their thinking with the world. (twitter, seesaw, edublog)

Make a #booksnap and send it out to the world!

1. Take a picture of an excerpt in a book that reached out to you.

2. Open the picture in Snapchat. Yes, snapchat.

3. From there add the title and author.

4. You can type the quote as well nextx to the title and author or circle the quote using the drawing tools.

5. Add stickers or bitmojis. This is the fun part.

6. When ready, hit the save button. It will save to your cameral roll.

7. Open Twitter, add a little more thinking in a tweet.

8. Add hashtags and author twitter handle (#booksnap)

9. Attached your #booksnap you just made with the camera icon.

10. Hit the "tweet" button and send you thinking out to the world to see what happens.

4. Seesaw

Abby...we need you to walk us through how to use it and how to add students to Seesaw

4. Edublog

  1. My Sites >dashboard

  2. We found the upgraded account and Kathryn is already in (username: mrsf253 and Deb used northbrook account, username: mrsklarfeld)

  3. We added a new student using a + with one email account!

Deb's Homework:

Add students to kidblog

set up seesaw

#booksnap for a small group

Kathryn's Homework:

Zap, Zap Math Game

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