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#Booksnaps and Twitter

Let's create a #booksnap. Here are a few examples.

A typical tweet of mine gets 60-100 views. BUT sometimes people retweet and like what you say so much it goes farther than that and when it happens, it is SO exciting!

Not convinced yet? Tara Martin, the creator of #booksnaps has a list of reasons to use them for learning.

So, how do you make a #booksnap? Here are tutorials using all kinds of apps.

So, let's get started on Twitter.

  • D28 general #tlc28

  • if it's innovative idea that you want the committee to see #innovate28

  • #booksnaps

  • if it's a new book, the book will tell you a hashtag to use

  • When at a conference, they will tell you a hashtag to use

  • Use tweetdeck to organize

  • A1: (insert short answer here) #hashtag the edchat

  • You can always "lurk" during an edchat to see how it's done.

Why Twitter?

It's so satisfying when you tweet out and someone replies in the world. Someone likes your thinking, someone validates or acknowledges your thinking. You can nerd out on education!

I started this book on Wednesday. Brad Gustafson is a cool principal from MN. I listen to his unearthED podcast. Anyway, he has an Aurasma trigger on his front page and back page of his book. I LOVE that. So I tweeted a #booksnap that I was starting his book and I found his twitter handle and added it to my tweet.

<----------------------He wrote me back!!!!

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