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Adobe Spark

I (Kathryn) am learning about Adobe Spark. I learned from Monica Burns that "Spark Post is perfect for making graphics, Spark Video lets students make their own movies, and Spark Page is a powerful and easy tool for creating a website." (Blog post)

If you are into #booksnaps, Adobe Spark is fun to use! Post and Video work great!

Here is my first try at a Adobe Page. (Creating a website) I found it really cool but very limiting when it came to design.

Here is a short tutorial on how to create an Adobe Spark page.

So, now I am totally addicted to Adobe Spark. So here is my first Adobe Post.

Ugly, huh? ;)

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a Adobe Post.

...and then I had to try out Adobe Video. Might be the coolest feature yet! I was inspired to create all my #booksnaps about the book, Launch by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani.

So, here is a tutorial on how to make an Adobe Video.

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