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June 3, 2017

1. Board Games with PicCollage

We took a look at the blog, Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs and learned how to make board games using PicCollage.

  • Pick a background color.

  • Search for paper color using the websearch in the app. (+ button)

  • Once you find the color wanted add it to PicCollage and begin to clip it to the shape wanted for the game board creation.

  • After the color paper image is clipped, create a path for the board.

  • Words and stickers can be added to make the board interesting.

  • Save the game board image to the camera library.

  • Set as the background.

The video on the blog post was helpful when saving board game to the camera, setting as a background and then creating moveable board pieces.

Homework for Deb: Deb is going to make a PicCollage board game for the first 20 days of school.

2. Twitter

We got on Twitter and followed some new techy peeps.

3. Podcasts

We shared Podcasts to listen to.

10 Minute Teacher by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Teachers Talking Tech by Eric Robinson and Mike Brown @teachsometech

Homework for Kathryn: Kathryn will listen to 10 Minute Teacher. Specifically the episode called, Build Your Personal Brand This Summer. (Episode #90) but also Episode #57 with Richard Burnes, Episode #47 on Classroom Blogging, and Episode #42 Making music with iPads.

Homework for Deb: Listen to Teachers Talking Tech Making it Fun with Tellagami and Chatterpix. Look out second graders, a Mr. Awesome may show up in room 220.

4. Deb bought a Lightening VGA adapter!

Next time:

  • Follow up with last week

  • Take a look at Edublog

  • Using Twitter to it's fullest. (or at least a little more than lurking.)

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