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Too Noisy is a fun noisy-regulator and an excellent way to not have to be the “bad guy” always trying to get their attention and convince them that they’re working too loud. There is a free version as well as a “pro” version available as both iPad and iPhone apps, and if you find use for this I highly suggest going “pro”. The free version allows you to set the noise tolerance and will monitor the noise, but the pro version includes a reward system, different themes, and of, course the shattering screen when the noise level is breeched. Students get rewarded after a period of time with a star (you set the parameters), and if the screen shatters they get a tally. 


My students love and respect this app. Of course they’re all dying to make it shatter, so I have occasionally let classes get that out of their system IF they don’t get any tallies during activities. 

Too Noisy

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