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Teacherkit is a fantastic app for organizing class seating, charting behavior, a digital gradebook, and student contact information. You can import class lists or create new ones from scratch, and once you’ve made behavior, attendance, or grade notes, you can easily export them to teachers. This is especially helpful if your classroom teachers need data on certain students’ behavior - you can just send them a list that’s timestamped with descriptions of their behavior! Drag students from one seating place to another and print to give performance standing arrangements to subs or teachers. 


I actually have my designated classroom helpers keep attendance using this app while the rest of the class and I do warm-ups. It can be password protected so that if your students use the device it’s on, they can’t access the app without your own passcode. 


Once you’ve entered grades and weighted them, a graph appears by the face of each child so that I can easily spot the children that need more chances to succeed - those that are falling short. 


This is an app I HIGHLY recommend. So far it is not web-based but unlike other comparable apps such as Class Dojo, it allows you to set up its functions well and collects much more than just behavior data. I recommend purchasing the “pro” version if you use it because it has a few features that just save you a few steps in your daily work. 


See a short tutorial below, as well as a screenshot of my ideal classroom. 


Click the icon to get more info!

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