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Spotify is a music streaming website where you can find all kinds of music for free! To get started you need to go to to begin.  Here you can download the app to your computer.  You will need to create a user name and password.  From there you can search an artist or specific song from any genre. There have been a few pieces of music that I haven't been able to find but there are many, many more pieces of music I have found on Spotify.  


Once you start to find music that you like, you can group those selections in playlists. If you like a particular artist, you can follow that artist and you will be notified of any new music.  You can also friend others in Spotify and share music with others and see what others are listening too.  


You can right click on a piece of music or right click a playlist and copy the HTTP Link, Spotify URL or Embed Code.  I copy the HTTP Link or Spotify URL and insert in my digital lesson plans so my music is just a click away. I also copy and use the Embed Code when I want to embed a song on my website for student use. 


A downside to the free application is there are commercials.  You will hear them often if you are playing multiple songs from a playlist.  You can get rid of the commercials by upgrading to a paid subscription.  You can also turn down the volume while the commercial plays.  The commercial are only seconds long.


Spotify also has a radio feature that will play music based on an artist you like to listen to.  You will hear commercials in between songs here as well unless you upgrade.  


There is also a Spotify app for the iPad and iPhone.  Click here to see more info.

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