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I have a handful of students that benefit from me showing them pictures of what will happen in music class that day.  In fact, many classes get use to this routine and if I forget, they ask me where my picture board is.  Behind the scenes, I am usually searching for my small velcro board just before class and hoping the bag of pictures I have created are near by as well.  It's hard to remember to prep the board and I don't always have a picture that represents well for specific activities.  Now my life is easier with SoundingBoard!  This app is a great new tool to use for kids with special needs.  The app allows me to create and save picture boards.  I can use preset pictures from the app gallery, pictures from my photo library or use the camera on the iPad.  Basically I name and create a board, select a picture, add a vocal to the picture and then save the series of photos on the board.  I can send via email the board to a paraprofessional or special education teacher and ask them to preview my music lesson with the child before they enter the music room if that is helpful for the student. Oh and the best part is that I don't have to go searching for my picture board any longer.  It's on my iPad!

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