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Soundcloud is a free way to publish music online to an audience. It is web-based but also has an easy-to-use app. The great thing about Soundcloud is that listeners can leave comments at particular parts of the song, and it can reach a wide audience. Composers can add their own notes and artwork to their music and view comments, likes, etc. You can also connect with and search artists of similar genres and add their music to your listening list. Whenever your friends compose, you are notified and can listen to it in your own playlist. 


One thing to look out for, however, is that when you publish it it’s public. Similar to Youtube, you need to make sure you check all settings and have the “OK” from your district to publish a students’ music. Look into getting a private channel for your particular class or school that is a safer environment to share and receive feedback. 

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Share student work with private settings.

Embed student work that your students can hear and download.

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