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Quicktime Player


Quicktime Player is quick an easy tool for creating screencasts,  audio recordings and movies.  When wanting to cultivate a blended classroom approach a teacher needs a quick and easy way to create movies and screencasts for students.  Quicktime makes the process quick and easy.  Check out the videos below for some tips to get you started.  


In a blended classroom, Quicktime offers a way for students to take ownership in their learning by accessing tutorials on exactly what help they need. When learning Garageband, troubleshoot before the project and create videos so if they realize they forgot how to add notion, they can access that video. You can link the videos right on your website, or post a QR code or Aurasma trigger around the room for easy access (use whichever will work best, fastest, and most reliably for your students). 

Examples of how to use QuickTime Player

QuickTime Overview

Share to Google Drive

New Audio Recording

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