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Movenote is a wonderful website or Google app that can be used in a flipped or blended classroom situation. I have used this as a way for students to do performance tests (i.e. recorder tests) at home so that they are in their most comfortable setting. Many students suffer from performance anxiety and simply cannot do their best in front of a group, but at home they can video tape their best performance and send it to their teacher. It also makes a great digital portfolio in that uploaded videos can be easily organized and viewed later. As the teacher, I can upload a clip of myself modeling proper fingering and technique with the sheet music shown for students to play along with. This is particularly helpful when I’m absent and the sub does not know how to play the recorder!


To simplify organization, I created a special login and password that we all use. Students then have access to watch video tutorials I create, but they also have the ability to watch each other. Ideally, students would have their own Google accounts and the privacy issue would be resolved. 


Movenote offers the chance for teacher feedback either through leaving comments or emailing the student back. I have received several videos via email over the weekend or while sitting at my own kids’ baseball games and can respond right away.

pre-recorded tutorial

pre-recorded tutorial

I pre-recorded a tutorial on how to play "Tinker Tailor" so that students that were absent could catch up at home, those that require extra instruction can have it in class or at home, and a substitute teacher can play this so that learning doesn't stop when I am out.

Movenote organization

Movenote organization

My students uploaded new videos to our mutual account, and as I viewed them I organized them into folders. This is helpful for student conferences and assessment when I can view the students' best work.

Watch this tutorial on Movenote by Jesse Rathgeber

Watch this video by one of my 3rd graders. He had forgotten his recorder on testing day so he submitted his "orange belt test" at home after school. I received it while sitting at my son's baseball practice, watched it, and responded with feedback right there at the baseball field. This video is now cataloged in his class' folder and I have actual video data on his progression of skills. 

In this example, I had to miss our one recorder day of the week and the kids were very anxious to learn their new note. I left this open on my computer for my sub as well as a Keynote for students to follow along with the song. It was also posted in the archive in our account so that they could access it at home if they needed the lesson again. 

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