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Use Keynote as a way to custom design sing-along videos for students to practice with or animated listening maps for class.

Ask a local expert for tips or surf for tutorials. Here are a few we like. 




Keynote is Apple's version of "Powerpoint" and is a very powerful tool for more than just presenting to groups. It features many customizing options that are visually appealing, and it's easy to begin with a basic template. Or, be creative and make your own! 


WIth the release of the Yosemite OS and thereby the new iCloud drive, Keynote is now more powerful than ever. By saving to the iCloud drive, you can access your keynotes on any device. You can also easily control your presentation remotely without the use of any additional apps. I can walk around the classroom helping students while still advancing slides and interacting with the presentation. 


Keynote has the ability to record timings and audio, which is a wonderful tool to make simple animations and videos for students. My students love animated listening maps to dance and play with, so I now custom make animations for them. Upload them to your website and classroom teachers and student can have access to them as well. Always we be aware of copyright, however, and do not share music that is not yours.

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