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Doodle Buddy

This app is as simple as they come, but can be very useful at the Substitution level. Basically, it allows you to draw with basic tools and backgrounds, a useful tool for listening maps, dictating rhythms, etc. Instead of using a pen and pencil or using popsicle sticks you can have kids draw rhythms in Doodle Buddy.  It's a great substitution tool and a fun and different way to engage kids in writing or dictating simple rhythms. For a quick group response, ask a true/false question and have them show a "T" or "F". It’s really a modern slate board with a lot more features.


Have kids play "head ups, seven up" using rhythms.  Seven students make a 4 beat pattern on the iPad.  Then the class puts their head down and a thumb up.  The 7 students with iPads leave their iPad on a stool and push down one thumb.  When ready have all kids put their heads up and the seven children with iPads should stand behind their own iPad that's on a stool.  Children who had their thumb pushed down stand up and one at a time they clap the rhythm of the person they thought pushed their hand down.  If they are right, they get to switch spots and stand behind an iPad.  If they are wrong they sit down and try again in another round.   Oh, and it's free!


Find out more about Doodle Buddy by clicking the icon above to view it in the iTunes app store.

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